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Comfy Dorm
Per Week £799
Per Month £2749
Per Quarter £7499


Minimum Stay 1 Week
Shared Room/ Cabin
Per Week £899
Per Month £2888
Per Quarter £7999
Private Room/ Cabin
Per Week £1199
Per Month £3699
Per Quarter £9688
Private Cabin
Per Week £2000.    Per Month £7200.    Per Quarter £18999.

The Prices for our fitness holiday packages are all inclusive of your accommodation, a tailored training plan and a tailored diet to suit your needs.

Anyone on a Hypertrophy program (muscle building) are charged an extra £200 per week.

Depending on your needs and goals you will receive 2 - 8 hours training daily and you will be given 3 delicious home cooked meals everyday. The type of food you eat will depend on whether you need to gain, remain or lose weight. Everything is tailored to your needs and goals!

Returning RDS Students - 10% Discount

(Please DO NOT ask for this discount if you've never attended an RDS training base before)

Groups of 5+ - 20% Discount

All Discounts are for 1 month stays or longer!

Corporate Deals - Contact us for details

Training at RDS Lapland is for the very serious only!

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