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Images Of Training & Facilities

Retreat Private Room

Shared bunkbed room in our newest cabin - This room is mostly used as a private room or for two friends travelling together

Weight Loss Retreat

Shared loft room in one of our cabins. This room is also available as a private room.

Fitness Holiday Dorm

The spacious comfy Dorm sleeps 7. Three this end and four the other end.

Fitness Retreats

The spacious comfy Dormitory sleeps 7. Four this end and three the other end.

Online PT sessions

In The Barn we have a mixture of resistance machines, free weights, logs, ropes and various other unique training equipment.

Yoga Room

Our Yoga room on the 2nd floor of The Barn.

Personal Training Room

Area of the barn for power lifting.

lapland holiday cabin

One of our cozy cabins which sleeps 4 guests.

Ultra Training

Running over a nearby river.

Winter Training

Push Ups with your log!

Girls Calisthenics Training

We do a lot of bodyweight exercises - Calisthenics!

Winter Training

Directly after running 1km with a 25kg log!

winter running

Winter running - At RDS Lapland you'll do a mixture of sprints, steady state cardio, long distance and short distance.

Weight Loss Before & After

Before & After shots of JP, after only 4 weeks training with us!

Husky Safari

If you book our winter adventure holiday you will love the husky safari and BBQ!

Online Fitness Workouts

Your indoor training sessions will mostly take part in The Barn

Fitness Boot Camp in Sweden

Enjoy a soothing Sauna twice per week!

Beginning of Log carrying session

Be prepared to train with logs!

Husky Safari

In your spare time you can enjoy a Husky Safari

Cold Thermogenesis

We make use of our barrel sauna twice a week and maximise the benefits with cold thermogenesis!

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