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Online Coaching Packages

Tailored Fitness Training & Nutrition Plans For Everyone and All Levels!

Workout & Nutrition plans efficiently delivered to you via our coaching app so you can exercise in the comfort of your home, gym or wherever you are in the world!


Everyone begins at different fitness levels and have different goals therefore we have carefully designed effective programs that fit the needs of everyone!

Our programs all offer accessibility to workout at your own time, pace and location, flexible communication throughout the day for any questions, progress tracking to keep yourself accountable & motivated,

and solid structure with workout and meal plans!

Whether you're a complete beginner looking to get started with live sessions or someone advanced who needs to switch up their workout and intensity after hitting a plateau, below you will find a plan suitable for your needs!

Weight Lifting

How To Access Workouts

Your workouts are conveniently posted on our coaching app which you will receive an invitation for via email within 48hrs of making your payment. Live workouts are booked and planned once you have made payment, we can use any video calling app such as Zoom or WhatsApp.

Nutrition/ Meal Plans

Meal Plans are customized to your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain, the foods and servings are based on you. Dietary restrictions are also taken into account (dairy/ gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.). Macros and BMR are worked out & given to ensure correct portions!

How To Get Started

After you have purchased your program from the choices below, an invitation link to our app will be sent to your email. This will take up to 48hrs after your purchase. After you download the app and make an account, you will have access to your meal plan, macros, workouts, and more!

Yoga Class



  • Workout Plan Updated Monthly

  • Demonstration Videos

  • Weekly Check-in

  • In App Chat for Help & Questions

£399/ Month




  • Meal Plan & Portions

  • Macro Count

  • Shopping List & Recipes

  • Weekly Check-in

£399/ Month



Workouts & Nutrition

  • Workout Plan + Demo Videos

  • Meal Plan + Nutrition Guidance

  • In App Messaging + Weekly Check-ins

  • Recipes, Shopping Lists & Macros

£499/ Month

First class guidance for both Nutrition and Workouts!


Whether you're just getting started or ready to take your fitness training to the next level these plans are designed with you in mind.


Basic+ gives you all the necessary materials needed to help you achieve your goal and make the lifestyle switch you desire! 

Young Woman in the Gym


Workouts, Nutrition, Support

& Live Sessions

  • All of the above plus...

  • Text Messaging 3x week         (Training/ Diet concerns etc)

  • Live Workout 1x/ Week

  • Video Call 2x/ Month                        (To Discuss form/ technique etc)

£699/ Month

If you’re 100% committed to achieving great results then choose the Pro Plan! Everything from structure, accountability and knowledge are covered plus you get to workout with me every week where I’ll be able to correct your form, give you tips and ramp up the intensity if needed!


Being in direct contact with me via text, live workouts and video calls make it so much easier to be consistent with your training, follow your diet and track your progress!

Online Yoga


Workouts, Nutrition, Support,

Live Sessions & Mindset Coaching.

  • All of the above plus...

  • Live Workouts 2x/ Week

  • Weekly check in call

  • Strong Mindset Coaching

  • Confidence Building

  • Optional Sessions in Meditation, Breathing, Yoga & Taiji.

£999/ Month

The ultra package is for those who want a first class bespoke service and a lot of attention!


You’ll be able to message me Monday - Friday for instant help relating to exercise & nutrition plus we will have a weekly check in call, you’ll not only improve physically but mentally too with mindset coaching and you’ll have the unique opportunity for 1-on-1 sessions from the listed optional classes plus we can work on any injuries or imbalances you might have accumulated over the years with specialist corrective exercise techniques!


With 2 live sessions per week you will make rapid progress in the pursuit of achieving your goals! (Limited Spaces Available!)

Still Hesitant? It's Understandable
BUT Don't Delay Your HEALTH!

To book your free consultation contact us and we will get back in touch within 48hrs to arrange a convenient time for your consultation!

During your consultation you can ask any questions and discuss your training and nutrition goals and an approximate time frame you can realistically achieve those goals!

*All consultations and live training sessions are with RDS owner and founder Scott Bird.

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