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About Rising Dragon School

Rising Dragon School, commonly referred to as RDS was created and founded by Scott Bird in 2007 in rural South China at the foot of the 2nd largest mountain in Fujian Province, however in 2015 we relocated RDS China to the Himalayan Foothills in the South-West, Yunnan PR.

It took Scott over 12 months to renovate nearly 3 hectares of abandoned ruins and land into what became the idyllic setting for the practice of martial arts and fitness training! RDS was founded on the simple principle of having the very best world class Kung Fu Masters in the best possible environment to de-stress, learn and become the best and healthiest version of yourself!

Taking that same principle, we now have RDS locations in The Caribbean and Swedish Lapland all boasting incredible settings and offering unique training suitable for all levels and abilities.

One of our aims is to produce a total environment where culture, class, race or creed are left outside so you can focus on what's important - Self Development!

Welcome to RDS!

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