Designed to make you physically and mentally prepared for anything!

Training at RDS Lapland is available to anyone wishing to improve their physical and mental well being regardless of your current level or abilities we will build you up to where you want and need to be, guaranteed! However, brace yourself because the training schedule here is demanding, we push you to your max and expect you to give 1000% effort at all times unless we tell you otherwise.

One of the biggest challenges you will face with us is the severe Arctic weather which can drop as low as -30℃ but averages between -10℃ and -22℃. Crazy! You might be thinking! While these conditions may scare some people away, just stop and think to yourself for a moment - If you can withstand intense training in some of the harshest conditions in the world then you will be prepared for anything life has to throw at you!

Don't worry, its not all harsh! Scott greatly believes in the Daoist philosophy and principles of Yin/ Yang in that everything should be balanced and if balance is achieved you will have harmony in life and success with your training goals! Therefore, along side the hard and physical aspects of training you will also be practicing more softer, internal routines such as Yoga, Qigong, Deep Breathing, Pranayama and if desired, Taiji.


The food we serve depends on what your goals are but all ingredients are of the highest standard, predominantly organic from local farms. You will enjoy meals such as grass fed steaks, chicken breasts, and even roast lamb served with the freshest of vegetables, fruit and wild berries gathered from our own land during the summer. If protein pancakes doesn't put a smile on your face in the morning then maybe our nutritious smoothies will.

Our Fitness Holidays are for everyone! Whether you want weight loss, get fitter & stronger, or prepare for an upcoming event, you will find no better location or team to get you in the best shape of your life!


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