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The Winter Bootcamp


Offering The Best Fitness Holidays & Weight Loss Camps in Europe

Europe's #1 Fitness Retreat


Discover Tailored Fitness Retreats - Your Gateway to Transformation

Embark on an extraordinary journey at our winter training camp in Swedish Lapland, where we redefine the concept of fitness holidays in Europe. Our all-inclusive packages are designed to cater for your every need with a focus on nutrition and delicious eating, and unique personalised fitness regimens.

Transformative Fitness Adventures Await!

Are you ready to transform your health and fitness? Whether you're seeking a rejuvenating escape filled with fitness activities and stress relief, or you're on a mission to sculpt your body, burn fat, and build muscle - our fitness bootcamps promise results beyond your expectations.

With our unique blend of challenging workouts and serene natural surroundings, your fitness journey here is not just a holiday; its a life changing experience!

The Ultimate Bootcamp Experience

fitness holidays Europe

Discover the Unique Fitness Vision of Scott Bird,
Your Guide To Transformative Wellness

Meet Scott, the visionary behind Rising Dragon School, where Eastern martial arts meets cutting edge fitness training. Scott has spent over three decades dedicated to learning, teaching and coaching people from all over the world.

Blending Ancient Wisdom with Modern Fitness

At the heart of Scott's philosophy is a fusion of Japanese & Chinese martial arts with contemporary fitness techniques. This unique blend is not just about physical training; it's a holistic approach to wellness that Scott has refined over years of dedication and exploration.

From Special Forces to the Serenity of the East

Scott's training methods are influenced by his extraordinary experiences, from enduring the gruelling SAS selection process to mastering martial arts in the serene landscapes of China and running ultra marathons in the Arctic. These experiences have not only honed his physical prowess but also forged an indomitable spirit and mental resilience.

Empowering Success Stories Worldwide

Under Scott's guidance, Rising Dragon School has become a beacon for those seeking to surpass their limits. From athletes achieving new heights to individuals embarking on life-changing fitness transformations, Scott's impact is global and profound.

A Trainer with Heart and Expertise

Scott's knowledge and qualifications are as comprehensive as his experiences. Over 20 years ago Scott certified as a level 2 fitness instructor and level 3 personal trainer, with a background in sports nutrition, Scott is equipped to lead you on your journey to wellness. His expertise extends to specialised weight loss programs, where he combines professional knowledge with a compassionate, tailored approach.

special forces experience

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey with Our Swiss Alps Military Fitness Camp! Push your limits with our unique blend of challenging physical activities in the heart of the Alps. Designed for fitness enthusiasts seeking adventure, our program promises transformation, resilience, and an unparalleled experience. Book now to join our exclusive military-style fitness retreat and redefine your strength amidst breathtaking Alpine landscapes. Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity – spots are filling fast!

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